Podcast Episode: COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Disadvantaged Communities at Higher Risk?

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Nobody can ignore the COVID-19 pandemic. But will some communities be hit harder than others? What are the implications for people with diabetes and obesity? Will everyone be able to access care if they need it? What about rural areas? Can telehealth make a difference, and is everyone willing and able to switch to online consultations? How can people give themselves the best chance of recovering from the virus if they get it? Is social distancing realistic? This is the first in a series of panel discussions about these important questions, and many others. If you are a healthcare professional, or a member of the public seeking more information, we invite you to join our experts each week during this health emergency. As a nation, we have never had to think about our collective health with so much urgency, these discussions will provide useful information and some reassurances. We may feel powerless, but there are things we can control – let’s talk about them. With Dr. Mary O’Connor, Dr. Yashika Watkins, Dr. Ramon Jimenez, and Dr. Millicent Gorham.

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