Podcast Episode: Making sure healthcare isn’t a lottery in rural Nevada. Featuring Debra Toney.

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Dr. Debra A. Toney PHD, RN, FAAN, is Vice President of Quality Management at Nevada Health Centers, President of NCEMNA and a past president of NBNA. She discusses her groups approach to population health management in Nevada, a primarily rural population where remoteness is a major factor in health disparities. Dr Toney talks about the importance of social determinants, particularly in the context of FQHC care provision, and how telehealth and mobile units are making a difference to disparities in conjunction with the consistent implementation of evidence-based guidelines and care personalization. Dr Carla Harwell and Dr Toney also discuss the decline of paternalistic medicine and the rise of patients as partners in their own health, and how better engagement can be facilitated by meeting patients where they are.

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