A LaSure Family Tradition: Service to Nation & Equity

For this episode of the Health Disparities Podcast, three members of the LaSure extended family gathered at the annual Movement is Life caucus to discuss their tradition of working in service to the greater good, a tradition which goes back many generations.

Aaron LaSure has served as a Naval Officer, Police Officer, and held senior leadership positions at the FBI. Sharon LaSure-Roy has held senior positions with Florida Blue and VyStar Credit Union and served on the Movement is Life steering committee for many years. Allyn Brooks-LaSure has served with the EPA, as a Senior DEI Advisor to the Biden-Harris Transition Team and is currently VP for Communication with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Their discussion touches on aspects of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that these family members have witnessed in different spheres of service, but where similar patterns rise to the surface and reflect ever evolving norms in the context of racial diversification, inclusion, and advancement.

“We are here today to talk about why equity was important in our family. We often talk about carrying ourselves and how it’s important to equity. I like to say it’s about being in the room, because being in the room is where you can actually make some things happen.”
~ Sharon LaSure-Roy

“There were approximately fifty people in the room having a bag lunch with former director James Comey, we were talking about equity and the room became very silent. I told him that it’s very difficult for me to recruit people to come into supervisory roles because they don’t see people who look like me. I need help, I can’t be the only one speaking about this. That’s why I got involved in The Mirror Project, advocating for diversity in the FBI.”
~ Aaron LaSure

“We have to decide as a nation who we are. The movements throughout American history, abolition, suffrage, civil rights, immigrant rights, really and essentially put some critical questions in front of this nation. Are you who you say you are, or should you be something better?”
~ Allyn Brooks-LaSure

“I feel for me, that everything that my country that I truly and deeply love, and that I wanted to protect my entire life – and have done so, that others within this country do not want to recognize that or respect that, from a person who looks like me. People in this nation disparage me as someone who was in the military, disparage me as someone who was a police officer, disparage me as someone who was an FBI special agent, everything that I have done calls into question what this country really stands for and is willing to stand by.”
~ Aaron LaSure