Advancing health justice: UVA Law Professor Dayna Bowen Matthew offers a powerful and passionate discourse on discriminatory healthcare as health disparities enabler, and how socio-legal frameworks are part of the solution. Part 1/4 of our Healing Hate Conference series.

Professor Dayna Bowen Matthew is a leader in public health who focuses on structural and racial disparities in health care. In this podcast she discusses vast inequalities we see in health access and health outcomes between majority and minority populations, which she says are derived from systematic segregation, discrimination and racism. Professor Matthew believes our siloed structures are a major obstacle to constructive change in health policy and care provision, but these obstacles can be overcome by bringing together fields such as law, environmental science, medicine and public health to create powerful multidisciplinary frameworks to advance the health justice movement. Professor Matthew calls for more research that leads to action – including leveraging ever-increasing data availability on social determinants, to escape the quagmire of injustices ailing the health of our nation today. With Randall Morgan, M.D., Executive Director for the W Montague Cobb/NMA Institute.