Collaboration is the cure: Dr Vivian Pinn calls for renewed efforts to bring about health equity through interdisciplinary collaboration and socio-political participation, and discusses her life and historic achievements. Part 2/4 of our Healing Hate Conference series.

Speaking at the university where she was the only female and only African American student in her class, and in the auditorium named for her, Healing Hate conference keynote speaker Dr Vivian Pinn reflects on progressing her career during eras of segregation, discrimination, and civil rights. Now a recipient of 14 honorary degrees, Dr Pinn discusses the importance of addressing the erroneous historical racial stereotypes that have informed contemporary unconscious bias, and how biases underpin the way we currently plan, provide and receive healthcare. She also describes her work at NIH, where she was the inaugural Director of the Office of Research on Women’s Health, and she comments on how leadership and participation at the socio-political level is so important for everyone. With Randall Morgan, M.D., Executive Director for the W Montague Cobb/NMA Institute.