Collaborative approaches and hospice care in the Sunshine State. Featuring Lyn Peugeot.

Lyn Peugeot MSN, RN, is a nurse focused on hospice care, and has recently completed her doctoral research project looking at dementia diagnosis in African Americans. She discusses her concerns about the relatively low percentage of African Americans who choose hospice care, which may be less about access and more due to misperceptions about the role of hospice and its implications. Because of this, Lyn believes it is very important to educate all nurses about hospice care as a positive philosophy built around providing comfort and care at the end of life while maintaining dignity and autonomy. In terms of disparities, she sees access to care and medication as the areas where minorities experience the greatest barriers, and she discusses how the closure of safety net hospitals can exacerbate these access issues by reducing the availability of care navigation support, as well as care itself. Lyn helped found the Broward County, Florida chapter of NBNA, they will host the national conference in summer 2020. With Dr Carla Harwell.