Delivering Trusted & Patient-Centered Public Health Information is Essential to the Promotion of Wellness in Latinx Communities. Featuring Dr. Elena Rios

Dr. Elena Rios has dedicated her career to improving the health of Latinx communities. In 1994, she co-founded the National Hispanic Medical Association based in Washington DC which represents approximately 50,000 Hispanic physicians across the United States. As President and CEO of this organization, she has advised the White House, HHS, and other governmental agencies as well as private and public sector organizations on the various issues of health policy as it pertains to the Hispanic community. In this podcast she discusses health disparities and their related social determinants and some of the specific ways COVID-19 is impacting the Hispanic community. Dr. Rios is concerned about the harsh economic climate during this pandemic that has affected many Hispanics who work in small businesses and may have lost their insurance, and who may also be missing medical appointments due to lockdown. She discusses the barriers that separate Hispanic and Latinx patients from health services, such as lack of outreach tailored to language and cultural needs, and reluctance to engage with government entities that some people may distrust. Dr. Rios calls for better funding of culturally appropriate educational information from CDC, and their dissemination via trusted sources. With Dr. Minerva Campos. Resources mentioned during this podcast can be found at: