Dr. Millicent Gorham in discussion with Google/YouTube’s Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health, Dr. Garth Graham.

Google and YouTube have done a pretty good job of organization the internet in a way that makes it quick and easy to find that one thing or website we need out of literally billions of options. And that is also the case for health information, and most people will Google their symptoms as a first step. For this episode of the Health Disparities Podcast, Dr Millicent Gorham, Executive Director of the National Black Nurses Association, sits down with Dr Garth Graham, Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health at Google/YouTube. He previously served in two US administrations as US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health and was President of the Aetna Foundation as well as Vice President & Chief Community Health Officer at CVS Health. In a wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Graham and Dr. Gorham explore the theme of meeting people where they are, particularly where that place is an individual’s phone, and the individual is sharing their front of mind concerns about health with either a Google search or searching YouTube via their mobile phone. Dr Graham believes we are entering a new era of health information, a journey that all of us are already on. The key challenge is to make science central to that journey, so that even if we are receiving health information via social media, it is both factual and helpful.