Educators discuss how more Hispanics can enter the healthcare workforce. Part 1, featuring Ed Alvarez.

Ed Alvarez is President at the Latino Education Advancement Foundation in the San Francisco bay area, collaborating with other experienced nonprofits in developing initiatives focusing on college and career pathways, college persistence and completion. He is often joined in his work by podcast host Dr. Ramon Jimenez, an orthopedic surgeon who is deeply invested in his community and its ability to produce the diverse healthcare workforce of the future. Dr. Jimenez regularly visits local schools to encourage students to consider a career in healthcare, and help them see that there are many options beyond the most well-known careers of doctor and nurse. In this podcast Ed Alvarez and Dr. Jimenez discuss why it is so important for communities to participate in healthcare, not only as a great career, but also for the benefits a diverse workforce brings to a diverse patient population.