Podcast Episode: Educators discuss why more Hispanics should enter the healthcare workforce. Part 2, featuring Dr. Sherry Segura.

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Dr. Sherry Segura continues our exploration of Hispanic education and workforce diversity. Dr. Segura is CEO of the Foundation for Hispanic Education in San Jose, California, where she is deeply involved in community efforts to ensure high quality and innovative educational services are available to all students. As she observes, Hispanic families may have more limited access to healthcare and this limits their exposure to the myriad of opportunities in the medical field as a potential career, not just doctors and nurses. Hispanic families may also be daunted by how expensive a healthcare education path is perceived to be, and be unaware of the support opportunities to offset costs that do exist. Dr. Segura discusses some initiatives that break down these barriers, and explores the role of parents and community stakeholders in increasing healthcare workforce diversity, and encourages people from all facets of the medical field to visit schools and be prepared to be role models. Hosted by Dr. Ramon Jimenez, orthopedic surgeon.