Flatlining revisited: The extra burden of equity work in the intra-COVID era.

“We are asking a handful of individuals to solve structural problems. The solutions have to come from the organizational side.”  ~ Dr. Adia Wingfield

“The majority of physicians still are resistant to the idea that you have to adjust the way you practice based on the patient who is before you.” ~ Dr. Randall Morgan

“When you are caring for minoritized populations, you have to consider that you are bringing some unconscious bias to the table, and you have to address the big picture, what else is going in that patient’s life.” ~ Dr. Carla Harwell

“We see public sector and safety net hospitals closing, shutting out opportunities for many underrepresented healthcare workers as well as their patients.” ~ Dr. Ramon Jimenez

In her book Flatling, released in 2019, Dr. Adia Wingfield articulated how the burden of equity initiatives furthering diversity and inclusion in healthcare is being disproportionately shouldered by the very populations these initiatives intend to support, so they enhance the equity credentials of organizations at a price. Today our panel revisits Flatlining and explores the additional implications of the pandemic for equity work during this “new-new economy,” and discuss some of the challenges and solutions in leading organizational change towards culturally sensitive care and minority representation. With host Dr. Ramon Jimenez, Dr. Randall Morgan, and Dr. Carla Harwell.