Healthcare for the homeless, featuring Kelly Bruno, CEO National Health Foundation.

“The number one structural driver of homelessness is without a doubt the limited amount of affordable housing that exists across the country, but most of all in California.” – Kelly Bruno, CEO, National Health Foundation

“This housing crisis did not happen by accident. It was designed from the beginning through redlining and banks making it virtually impossible for our Black communities to own a home.” – Kelly Bruno, CEO, National Health Foundation

“We know that over the last 50 years, home ownership of our Black community has gone down from 44% to 36%. In Los Angeles the Black population is 8% but make up 44% of our homeless population.” – Kelly Bruno, CEO, National Health Foundation

Kelly Bruno, President & CEO of the National Health Foundation joins us to discuss healthcare for the homeless. California has a disproportionate share of the nation’s homeless population, approximately 161,000 of the total homeless population of 580,000. Los Angeles has the greatest concentration of the state’s homeless people. Many of our homeless people are over the age of 50, living with chronic health conditions at much higher-than-average rates. The National Health Foundation, a California-based organization focused on recuperative care in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, offers medical respite care programs as an equitable pathway to health and housing for people experiencing homelessness. It’s an approach that can mitigate some social determinants and barriers to care and build community in the process. With podcast host Rolf Taylor.