How can community programs such as Operation Change adapt during a pandemic?

As COVID-19 emerged during early 2020, people all over the world were feeling similar emotions. Fear and confusion. Uncertainties and isolation. Disruption and loss. Operation Change had helped numerous groups of participants re-take control of their health, but now they found that the enforced isolation of lockdown was causing distress, and they feared retreating into old behaviors would result in them losing the gains they had made. With all group activities canceled, Operation Change leaders were learning the extent to which participants were feeling let down and unsupported, so they urgently looked for solutions.  In this episode, our panel of Operation Change community leaders reflect on the impact that COVID had on the groups they had convened, and share some of the ways they responded to the pandemic. With host Dr. Rose Gonzalez, and community leaders Darlene Donegan, Hazella LaVar, and Yvonne Oby.