How Nurse Practitioners drive health equity through vital rural and frontier healthcare. With Wesley Davis and Cristina Gonzalez.

Rural Wyoming is a beautiful place to live, but those wide-open spaces on the frontier create a number of health disparities, with the presence of Native American reservations, COVID-19, and hospital closures adding more complexity. A culture of self-reliance and independence has developed out of necessity in these areas, but that can result in care being delayed. Similarly, Native Americans may delay care for reasons related to trust and health literacy. Professor Wesley Davis, Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Cristina Gonzalez join us today along with podcast host and Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Behrens. Together they discuss many of the challenges facing rural areas, the potential for telehealth, and how civic engagement with a focus on mitigating the social determinants of health can contribute to a better framework for more equitable healthcare. Visit the Rural Health Information Hub at: