How the Lasker Foundation champions the importance of social determinants to all aspects of research and to shifting focus upstream. Featuring Dr. Claire Pomeroy.

Social determinants of health, the life circumstances in which we are born, educated, work and play, are powerful drivers of as much as 90% of our health status. Lasker Foundation President Dr Claire Pomeroy discusses ways that race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, the safety of our neighborhoods, having good access to food, and feeling part of a community all combine to impact health. It follows that policy affecting all of these things also affects health, hence a call to action that health considerations should be part of all policy making. Soda taxes are a good example. Dr Pomeroy believes more systematic approaches to social determinants are needed, together with intersectoral collaboration, but this is a challenging process. All citizens can help by adding their voices to the call for “health in all policies”. With Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason.