Operation Change Community Report: Grace Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, New York, with Hazella Rollins LaVar

In this podcast program leader Hazella Rollins LaVar shares some insights into the content and impact of the Operation Change initiative at Grace Baptist Church, New York. Grace Baptist is in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, on the fringes of New York City. Hazella is a long-time member of “the Grace village” as she describes it, a faith-based community that extends far beyond the walls of their historic church. Although the church leadership was initially cautious about taking on an 18-week Operation Change program, advocating for better health is integral to the philosophy of Grace, so it became clear the program would fit well. “This is a program that definitely changes lives,” which she says is much needed, “because statistically speaking, we African Americans and Latinas have the highest rates of everything.” Part 3/7 of our Operation Change Series. Hosted by Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason.