Physical therapy: uniquely positioned to help address chronic conditions and health disparities.

“Choosing physical therapy is for multiple aspects of your well-being along the continuum of care.” – Dr. Hadiya Green Guerrero

“Older people may feel like they have missed the movement boat, or it’s too late to get active again. But you are never too old to get the benefits of exercise or movement, and little bits added to your daily life will have significant health and wellness downstream effects.” – Dr. Drew Contreras

“We need to de-struct the constructs that allow us to persist in these avoidable differences in physical activity, chronic conditions, and decrease in function, based on race, by collectively coming to places and spaces where we all find the same things important.” – Dr Hadiya Green Guerrero

“We are movement experts. There is always a thing that is a barrier to increasing physical activity. Whatever your reason is that is preventing you, I promise you that your physical therapist will find a way to get you moving again.” – Dr. Drew Contreras

October is Physical Therapy Month, and this year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has a new campaign: #ChoosePT, with hosting numerous resources. Orthopedist Dr. Mary O’Connor meets with Dr. Hadiya Green Guerrero, a senior practice specialist at APTA, and Dr. Drew Contreras, APTAs Vice President of Clinical Integration and Innovation, to discuss the #ChoosePT campaign. Dr. Green Guerrero and Dr. Contreras also share some of the reasons they became physical therapists, and explore the many benefits of PT, including its potential for addressing chronic conditions and health disparities. Dr. Contreras also shares the advice that he gave to help President Barack Obama move more, something which everyone can follow.