Profiles in Health Equity: Calvin Johnson, MD, MPH.

Dr. Calvin Johnson, MD, MPH, has built his varied career at the intersections of medicine, data science, and public health, including his time as the 24th Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and his current position as Chief Medical Officer and Global Head of Public Health with Royal Caribbean Group. His parents personified the idea of service, a value which the young Dr. Johnson combined with his passion for science and a desire to save lives, leading to medical studies at Morehouse, and then his Master’s in Public Health at Johns Hopkins, two of our great institutions. Podcast host Frank McClellan JD and Dr. Johnson explore a wide range of topics related to health equity in this fascinating discussion, including the historical significance of Morehouse School, the importance and vulnerability of safety net hospitals, addressing the enduring issue of limited access to care for some populations, and the importance of data analysis and proactive information dissemination for problem solving and crisis management.