The Health Disparities Podcast, From Movement is Life. Conversations about health disparities with people working to eliminate them.

This podcast highlights disparities evidenced in common chronic conditions featured in the “vicious cycle” (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, mental health) and musculoskeletal/arthritis conditions, with emphasis on disparities and how social determinants of health impact these conditions and their management.

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What if your father struggles with arthritis – and you are a physician? Featuring Michael Parks.

When an accomplished surgeon sees his own father struggle with arthritis, he knows there are some structural problems in play. HSS surgeon Dr. Michael Parks shares some insights into the processes behind health disparities (or health differences as he prefers to say).
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How risk adjustment payments could help complex conditions in rural areas. Featuring Tammy Huff.

Tammy Huff, MD discusses how rural health disparities are driven by many logistical challenges in remote and underserved areas, where limited public transport and hospital closures make access to care increasingly difficult.
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Nurses have always understood the social determinants of health. Now the world is catching up. Featuring Deborah Coplin-Hall.

Deborah Coplin-Hall, MS, RN and Carla Harwell, MD discuss how nurses have been at the forefront of screening patients for social determinants for decades, only now are social determinants and cultural competency being taught, structured and systematized.
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Access deserts, Magnet designation, and comorbidity management centers in Boston. Featuring Sasha Dubois.

Brigham and Women’s nurse Sasha Dubois, MSN, RN discusses how racial segregation, gentrification, and displacement in her native Boston can create “healthcare access deserts” that fuel health disparities, even in an area where there are a number of high-quality hospitals.
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Collaborative approaches and hospice care in the Sunshine State. Featuring Lyn Peugeot.

Lyn Peugeot MSN, RN, is a nurse focused on hospice care, and has recently completed her doctoral research project looking at dementia diagnosis in African Americans. She discusses her concerns about the relatively low percentage of African Americans who choose hospice care, which may be less about access and more due to misperceptions about the role of hospice and its implications.
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Making sure healthcare isn’t a lottery in rural Nevada. Featuring Debra Toney.

Dr. Debra A. Toney PHD, RN, FAAN, is Vice President of Quality Management at Nevada Health Centers, President of NCEMNA and a past president of NBNA. She discusses her groups approach to population health management in Nevada, a primarily rural population where remoteness is a major factor in health disparities.
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Carter Todd: Nursing inspirations and aspirations in Sacramento, California

Pediatric ICU nurse Carter Todd RN, MS, CCRN, switched from athletics to nursing and this changed his life completely. On graduation he realized he could help both his community and the nursing profession by advocating for greater workforce diversity.
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NBNA’s 50th Anniversary vision: Getting patients engaged in their own health by moving away from the illness model.

Incoming NBNA President Martha Dawson, DNP, RN, FACHE, shares her priorities for the organization as she becomes its 13th President. As the NBNA approaches its 50th anniversary in 2021, Martha is planning to highlight its founders and past leaders, and to focus on emphasizing the importance of meeting patients where they are, before they get sick.
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The Health Disparities Podcast, From Movement is Life



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